Veterans Day

Save big with the Target military discount for Veterans Day

Target Military Discount For Veterans Day

Target is offering a 10% off military discount to service members, veterans and their families from November 1-11, 2020. From now until Veterans Day, Nov 11, you are eligible for an extra 10% off of a purchase at Target, either in-store or online.

national military families month

National Veteran and Military Families Month

First established in 1996 by the Armed Services YMCA, Veterans and Military Families Month is celebrated each November. It is a time to honor those who not only know what service entails firsthand, but also make sacrifices alongside their service members in everyday life.

Amazon Prime military discount

The Best Amazon Prime Discounts

Amazon Prime Military, Student, and Other Discounts Looking for an Amazon Military Discount? Unfortunately, they do not have an ongoing one. They have offered a special Veterans Day discount in the past. There are however ongoing student discounts as well as a few other discounts for EBT and Medicaid recipients. Amazon Prime Military Discount For… Read more »

veterans day discounts 2019 amusement parks zoo aquarium

Veterans Day Discounts on Amusement Parks, Zoos and Aquariums

This Veterans Day you can find all types of discounts from a free meal, to an extra percentage off of a product. You and also find discounts for military, veterans and their families at amusement parks, zoos and aquariums around the US. Veterans Day Discounts For Amusement Parks, Zoos and Aquariums Never miss a military… Read more »

Veterans Day Discounts

Veterans Day Discounts

This Veterans Day, there are quite a few discounts out there for anyone currently serving, anyone who previously served, and in some cases their families. You can make plans to go to an amusement park or spend the day at a local zoo or receive a free meal. Beyond amusement parks and restaurants, here are even more Veterans Day discounts you won’t want to miss.