Free Tax Filing For Military

Free Tax Filing for Military

Paying someone else to file your taxes for you can be very expensive. Thankfully, that’s an added expense that military families don’t have to pay. Below are a list of places that have adopted a ‘free tax filing for military’ mindset. Explore these options and file your federal and state taxes for free this tax… Read more »

military tax resources

Resources for Military to Thrive this Tax Season

Tax season is here! This dreaded time of the year doesn’t have to be so bad, especially for military families. Military and their families get to take advantage of free tax filing, free access to tax consultants, special tax exemptions, and when eligible, extra time to file. Now that the military W-2 forms are out,… Read more »

military spouse state income tax

Tip to Help Military Families Save on Taxes

Military Spouse State Income Tax The Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018 allows military spouses to choose the same state of legal residence as their service member. The new rules covering the military spouse state income tax would apply to local taxes and would also apply for voting purposes. All of this even if… Read more »