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FEDVIP open season

Federal Benefits Open Season 2022

Federal Benefits Open Season 2022 begins November 14 and ends December 12, 2022. This open season is for enrolling or changing healthcare under FEDVIP, also known as the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program. This coverage is not the same as TRICARE; it is separate from that health insurance program but may require enrollment… Read more »


TRICARE Qualifying Life Events and Your Health Insurance

When you enroll in TRICARE, your status as a single or married service member determines the type of coverage you’ll enroll in. So does your status as an active duty service member. When these things change, they may be considered Qualifying Life Events, which provides an opportunity to modify your TRICARE coverage within a 90-day… Read more »

TRICARE and other health insurance

Using Other Health Insurance Besides TRICARE

TRICARE is a healthcare program for military members and their families. This health coverage is offered to qualifying military members on active duty, in the Guard and Reserve, veterans, and military retirees. TRICARE is also offered to surviving spouses and dependents, and even “certain former spouses” according to TRICARE is offered stateside, overseas, and… Read more »