Lenovo Military Discount

Lenovo Military Discount

Lenovo Military Discount

Lenovo is a company that sells personal computers, tablets, smartphones, workstations, and more. They offer a 5% military discount. 

What Is the Lenovo Military Discount?

Lenovo offers a 5% military discount on their products. They also ship to APO/FPO/DPOs.

Who’s Eligible for the Lenovo Military Discount?

Members of the US Armed Forces, US military reservists, veterans, and their immediate families.

How Do You Get the Discount?

You would need to verify your military affiliation through ID.me.

Can This Discount Be Used Online?

Yes, you would verify through ID.me.

About Lenovo

They were started by Liu Chuanzhi in 1984, with a group of 10 other engineers in Beijing, China. In 1990, they started manufacturing and marketing computers using their own brand name. For the first 20 years, their English name was, “Legend.” When they wanted to expand internationally, they found out that “Legend” was already in use with a lot of companies, so the name “Lenovo” was born in 2003. They added the ThinkPad laptop and tablet lines with IBM’s personal computer business in 2005. They now have headquarters in Hong Kong, and can be found in more than 160 countries.

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Military Discounts On Cell Phones and Cell Phone Plans

Cell Phones and Mobile Phone Plans with Military Discounts

We all need a good cell phone. And most companies do offer some type of military discount. They may differ but all can save you a little bit of money. Here is a breakdown of military discounts on cell phones.


Samsung offers savings of up to 30% with their Samsung Military Discount Program. You can find savings on phones, electronics, and more. You will need to sign up with a .mil email address and the discount is available to active duty personnel in all branches of service as well as their families and veterans.


At AT&T, you can find exclusive savings on unlimited wireless. They offer military discounts to active duty, veterans, and spouses of active duty and deceased military. With the discount, you can get Unlimited Data for $27 per month per line when you get 4 lines.


With T-Mobile, they have their Magenta Military plans which are discounts on their 5G network. Their signature plan is $25 per line with 4 lines and autopay. Their Magenta MAX Military plan is $35 per line with 4 lines and autopay. You would need to verify your military status on their website and the discount is for active duty, reserve and national guard, veterans, retirees, and Gold Star families.

Looking for the Sprint military discount? In 2020, Sprint merged into T-Mobile.


Verizon offers its military discounts to members of the military, including reserves and national guard, veterans of all branches, Gold Star families, and Cadets. The discount will need to be in the service member’s name unless they are a Gold Star family. They have different discounts based on how many phones you have. For one phone, you would receive a $10 discount per account, for 2-3 phones, it would be $25 off per account, and for 4 or more lines it would be $20 per account. You can also save 25% on accessories when ordered online through your My Verizon account, and save 10% when you purchase at a Verizon store.

U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular offers a 15% discount on their cell phone plans. They offer this to active duty, and veterans, including the reserves and national guard. You would need to confirm your military status over the phone.

Boost Mobile

At Boost Mobile they offer a Deployed Military Program. This program allows deployed service members to keep their accounts and phone numbers while deployed overseas. There will be no service charges and no reactivation fees. Service members will need to contact Boost Mobile Customer Service to signup.


At Cricket, they have a Military Deployment Services Plan. This is for active duty, reserves, and members of the national guard. They will hold your phone number for up to 36 months. You would call customer service to get this set up. You have 90 days after you come back to reactivate your phone number.


At Motorola, you can get a 10% off military discount. This is available to active duty, veterans, retired military, and reservists. You would need to verify your status with ID.me and then you will receive a code.


At Apple, you can find a Veterans and Military Purchase Program with special pricing. This is available to military members and veterans. Here you can purchase iPhones for a discount.

When looking for a good cell phone plan, make sure they offer good service in your area. Double check the military discount because they can change, and make sure to follow the instructions so you can apply the discount to your account.



Talk 4 Troops Offers Cellphone, Laptop Discounts

Talk 4 Troops offers military, veterans, and first responders access to sizable discounts on laptops, smartphones, and various other devices. This includes brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Google. All of their phones are unlocked, tested, and are guaranteed for 30 days after purchase.

The Talk 4 Troops Military Discount

The discount, which is applied at checkout, is 10% off of the list price. That may not sound like a lot; but on the Samsung Galaxy S20 I scoped out on their site for $786, that discount knocks the price down almost 80 bucks. I don’t know about you, but I don’t pass up that kind of money. Especially when I’m already in the market for the device.

To make this program even better, a portion of each sale is donated to charities that serve veterans and first responders.

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How Talk 4 Troops Discount Works

Talk 4 Troops offers their 10% discount to all military (active, Guard, and reserves), veterans, retirees, military spouses, military dependents, and all first responders (police, firefighters, EMTs, and 911 dispatchers). In order to take advantage of this discount, you must be registered with ID.me which will be verified at checkout.

Once you’re ready to check out:

  1. Click the “Verify with ID.me” button in your cart to verify eligibility.
  2. Your identity and status will be verified within minutes.
  3. Once verified, the discount will be applied and you’re ready to check out.

Talk 4 Troops Products

As of this writing, some of the products listed (without the discount) are:

  • MacBook Air 11-inch 512 GB (Silver) – $493
  • MacBook Air 13-inch 128 GB (Silver) – $506
  • iPhone XR 64B (White) – $432
  • iPhone 6s Plus 32 GB (Silver) – $260
  • Galaxy S20 5G 128 GB (Cosmic Grey) – $786
  • Galaxy S10e 128 GB (Prism Black) – $405
  • Google Pixel 4 XL 64 GB (Clearly White) – $466

The Talk 4 Troops website also gives you the opportunity to shop by the brands Apple, Samsung, and Google. So, if you have specific tastes, you can narrow the search to just what you want.

The price range for all the products on their website ranges from the low $200s to just over $800. Also, some popular products are sold out already, like the iPhone 11 Pro that my wife wanted. Shucks!

What Are You Waiting For?!

If you fall into any of the eligible categories listed above, and you’re in the market for an electronic device, then do not wait to take advantage of this discount. Supplies do run out, and Talk 4 Troops has not disclosed how often they are resupplied. So, in some cases, when it’s gone it’s gone.


For more info, or to take advantage of this deal, please go here.


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Military Discounts on Computer & Electronics

We all seem to use computers and electronics on a daily basis, from computers to cameras to tablets. So when purchasing something new, why not use a military discount when you do? Here are computer and electronic military discounts you will want to use on your next product purchase or to sign up for a new phone.

Computer and Electronics Military Discounts


At Apple, you can purchase phones, tablets, Macbooks, and more. The Apple Store offers special pricing with its Apple has a Veterans and Military Purchase Program with special pricing. The special pricing applies to some but not all of their products. Current, former, and retired members of the US military, including the national guard and the reserves as well as their families qualify. Veterans and their family members can also be a part of this program. This discount is intended for personal use only.

Please visit this link for more info on the Apple military discount.


Dell computers offer a 10% military discount. This is for US veterans, national guard, and reserves, as well as those who are currently serving. You can email militarydiscount@dell.com to speak with a U.S.-based sales agent. You can also access a coupon with your military email address.

Please visit this link for more info on the Dell military discount.


At Microsoft, you can save up to 10% on select products. On their, “Shop Now” page you can currently find Surface Pro and other Surface products. They offer this discount to active duty, former military, retired military, and their families. The discount excludes, digital games, digital apps, in-app content and subscriptions, movies, TV shows, and associated content, office software & apps, Xbox consoles, games, and accessories, products that have been personalized or customized, and gift cards and services/subscriptions (e.g., Skype, Xbox Live).

For details on the Microsoft Office military discount, please go here.

Please visit this link for more info on the Microsoft military discount.


At Lenovo, you can find PCs and tablets, phones, smart devices, and more. They offer a 5% special discount on your entire purchase. They are available to active duty military, reservists, veterans, and immediate family members. They also offer free shipping including APOs, FPOs, and DPOS.

Please visit this link for more info on the Lenovo military discount.

KEH Camera

KEH Camera sells digital cameras, film cameras, lenses, video, and more. They offer a military discount to active duty, veterans, reserves and national guard, retired military, spouses, and dependents. They offer 5% off on used equipment for their military discount.

Please visit this link for more info on the KEH Camera military discount.


Crutchfield specializes in a wide range of electronics, including mobile auto and video equipment for your car or vehicle. They offer $25 off of $250 through ID.me.

Please visit this link for more info on the Crutchfield military discount.


At Bose, you can find headphones, portable speakers, and even audio sunglasses. They have a special military discount for purchases over $199 or more excluding aviation and refurbished products. This discount is for active duty, national guard, reserves, military spouses, surviving spouses, and immediate family members. You will need to be verified with ID.me.

Please visit this link for more info on the Bose military discount.


At iRobot, you can find automatic floor care robots. They offer a 15% military discount on select models. The discount will be applied at checkout.

Please visit this link for more info on the iRobot military discount.


ABT sells appliances, TV and electronics, audio, and more. You can save $50 off $500. This discount is for active duty, inactive reserves, national guard, veterans, retirees, spouses, and dependents. You will be verified with ID.me and then receive a personal code.

Please visit this link for more info on the ABT military discount.

The Exchange

The Exchange also has many different electronics. The great thing about shopping there is that you can do so tax-free and that can add up when you are purchasing computers and electronics with a higher price point.

As you can see, there are many places to find a military discount when shopping for computers or electronics.

Please visit this link for more info on the the Exchange.





Sprint Military Discount

Sprint Military and Veteran Discount

The Sprint Corporation is an American telecommunications company provides wireless services and is also an internet service provider. They do offer a military discount.

What is the Sprint Military Discount?

They offer 50% off on family lines with Unlimited. The first line would be $70/month and then the 2nd line would be $30/month, the 3rd-5th lines would be $20 with the discount and autopay. Switchers pay $10/month per line for lines 3-7 until 7/30/21.

With Unlimited Premium, you would also receive Amazon Prime, Hulu, Tidal, a 100GB Hotspot, and unlimited roaming in Canada and Mexico.

Who’s Eligible?

Veterans, active duty, and reserves all qualify for this discount.

How Do You Get the Discount?

In order to receive this discount, you will need to fill out a form and be verified with Sheer ID.

Can This Discount Be Used Online?

You will need to fill out a form to get started.

About Sprint

They are the 4th largest mobile network in the United States and have over 54 million customers. Sprint was founded in 1986, but dates back to the Brown Telephone Company in 1899, in order to bring telephone service to the rural area of Abilene, Kansas. They are now headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas.

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T-Mobile Military Discount

T-Mobile Military Discount

T-Mobile is a mobile communications subsidiary of the German telecommunications company, Deutsche Telekom AG.  The T-Mobile military discount is a really great offer.  Read below to learn more.

What is the T-Mobile Military Discount?

T-Mobile offers all the benefits of the T-Mobile ONE plan, for a discount. The plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data, unlimited in Mexico and Canada, in-flight texting and 1 hour of data, streaming unlimited entertainment, taxes and fees included, texting and data abroad, mobile hotspot data included, and Netflix on them.

For the first line, you would pay $55, which is a 20% discount, for the 2nd line you would pay $25, for a 50% discount, and for lines 3-6 you would pay $10, for a 50% discount.

If you get a new phone, they will pay off your current phone and service contracts up to $650 per line or $350 in early termination fees via prepaid cards and trade-in credit when you trade-in your device.

Who’s Eligible?

All active duty service members, veterans, retired military personnel, army reserve and national guard, and gold star families.

How Do You Get the Discount?

You would need to activate your new T-Mobile ONE military plan and then visit their military verification page to confirm your status before your first bill. You also might need to submit documentation showing your military affiliation.

Can This Discount Be Used Online?

You would need to verify your military status online.

About T-Mobile

In 1999, the T-Mobile International AG & CO. KG Holding Company was founded. In 2002, DT consolidated its international operations and change the name to T-Mobile. Today, they operate in Europe, the United States, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Serbia. T-Mobile USA is based in Bellevue, Washington and offers wireless voice, messaging, and data services.

For more info, please go here.



Verizon Wireless Military Discount

Verizon Wireless is headquartered in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. They serve the United States and have 2,330 retail stores. Verizon Wireless currently offers a military discount.

What is the Verizon Military Discount?

Wireless Military Discount

Your discount would be:

  • One Line – $10/month 
  • Two-Three Lines – $25/month 
  • Four+ Lines – $20/month 

You would need to also be signed up for autopay and paper-free billing. 

iPhone SE

They are also offering an iPhone SE for those on Unlimited. You would receive a promo credit over the next 24 months. 

These offers are for personal lines only! 

This would apply to the following Verizon Wireless plans:

  • Start Unlimited
  • Play More Unlimited 
  • Do More Unlimited
  • Get More Unlimited 
  • Go Unlimited
  • Beyond Unlimited
  • Above Unlimited
  • Kids Data Plans 

On most other advertised plans, you can receive 15% off.

They also offer 25% off of accessories when you order through your My Verizon account, and 10% in the store.  

Keep in mind that if you signed up for the discount before 8/5/19, you keep the previous discount amount, and if you signed up for Go Unlimited or Beyond Unlimited before 6/18/18, you have a $15 account-level discount, no matter how many lines you have.

Business Military Discount

Verizon also has a business military discount. Active duty and veteran small business owners can save $5/month on Business Unlimited Smart Phone plans, up to 99 lines. 

FIOS Military Discount 

Your FIOS military discount would be:

  • 200 Mbps – $5/month, plus Discovery+ for three months. Receive an additional $10 off with Unlimited Wireless. 
  • 400 Mbps – $10/month, plus Discovery+ for three months. Receive an additional $10 off with Unlimited Wireless.
  • Gigabit Connection, Up to 940/880 Mbps – $15/month, plus Discovery+ for 12 months, a $100 Verizon gift card, free Stream TV, with a router rental included. Receive an additional $20 off with Unlimited Wireless. 

Who’s Eligible For The Verizon Military Discounts?

  • Marines
  • Army
  • Air Force
  • Navy
  • Coast Guard
  • Commissioned officers of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Commissioned officers of the United States Public Health Service
  • All military reserves and National Guard
  • Veterans of all branches
  • Gold Star Families
  • Cadets

Can military spouses get this discount?

No, only the service member. The account needs to be in their name. You can transfer to them if need be. 

How Do You Get the Discount?

Active duty and veterans will need to register online using the MilVetID verification system by Veterans Advantage. Once you are verified there you will need to finish registration on their website. 

Can You Use The Verizon Military Discount Online?

Yes, if you are verified to be military, the discount will be on your account.

About Verizon

Verizon Wireless is an American telecommunications company that offers wireless products and services. They are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Verizon Communications. Verizon is the largest wireless communications provider in the United States.

Verizon Wireless was a joint venture with Bell Atlantic founded in 2000. They would later become Verizon Communications and Vodafone. Vodafone was a British multinational telecommunications company. Verizon Communications became the sole owner in 2014 after buying out Vodafone’s stake in the company.

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AT&T Military Discount

Good news, there is an AT&T military discount on your cell phone plans!

What is the AT&T Military Discount?

  • You can receive Unlimited data for $27/month per line when you get or buy 4 lines.
  • They also offer an autopay and paperless bill discount when you are active and enrolled in both.
  • The offer is good on select devices only, up to 10 devices per plan, and other line limits and restrictions may apply.

The offer is eligible on the following plans:

  • AT&T Unlimited Starter, AT&T Unlimited Extra and AT&T Unlimited Elite
  • AT&T Unlimited Starter plan, for all data usage, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.
  • AT&T Unlimited Extra plan, after 50GB of data usage on a line in a bill cycle, for the remainder of the cycle, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.
  • AT&T Unlimited Elite plan, after 100GB of data usage on a line in a bill cycle, for the remainder of the cycle, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.

Who’s Eligible For the Discount?

  • Active duty
  • Veterans
  • Active duty spouses or deceased military service personnel

How Do You Get the Discount?

Active Duty

  • Online: You can sign up online with a .MIL email address
  • In-Person: You can sign up in person with a valid military ID or current pay stub


Spouses can use a Department of Defense sponsorship card at an AT&T store.


  • Veterans can sign up online with a designated driver’s license. But those in HI, NE, NJ, OR, and VA can not do so online.
  • Veterans can also use a Veteran ID card (VIC) or a VetRewards card from Veterans Advantage.
  • You can apply in-person with the following:
    • DD214
    • Valid retired military ID
    • Current AMVETS membership card
    • Veteran health insurance card
    • Veteran’s designated driver’s license
    • Department of Defense sponsorship card for spouses

Can You Use the AT&T Military Discount Online?

Yes.  This will depend on how you will be verifying your military affiliation.

For more information go here.


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