Little Known Benefits of VGLI

Learn about some little known aspects of your Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI) coverage. They could save you money!

waive copays tricare

House Members Ask: Can We Waive Copays On Birth Control With TRICARE?

Lawmakers Ask For No Copays On Birth Control TRICARE currently requires copays when it comes to contraceptives and designated health care visits that are related to screening, counseling, insertion, removal, or maintenance of FDA-approved contraceptive devices. On January 20, 2022, 141 House members wrote a letter to press Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to waive these… Read more »

Celebrating Veteran Owned Businesses

This Veterans Day, we honor America’s veterans by highlighting some great veteran owned businesses. Find out how your patronage supports veterans.

four chaplains day

Four Chaplains Day, February 4th

On February 4th, we commemorate four chaplains who, during World War II, embodied all of those Army values. If you’ve never heard the story, then please keep reading.

ASVAB Score Improvement

How to Improve Your ASVAB Score

Resources to Improve Your ASVAB Score From at home to a public library, there are many different ways to improve your ASVAB score in as little as a month! For the 180,000 new enlistments every year it is just as important to prepare yourself for the standardized tests and physical requirements of joining the military,… Read more »

give an hour veterans

“Give an Hour” Donates Time for Veterans, Families Mental Health

Give an Hour is a not for profit online resource that provides anyone who served in the military, their families, and those who considers themselves a “loved one” free consultations with volunteer mental health professionals. There is no time requirement for military service, so anyone who attended Day 1 of boot camp is eligible regardless of discharge status

national military families month

National Veteran and Military Families Month

First established in 1996 by the Armed Services YMCA, Veterans and Military Families Month is celebrated each November. It is a time to honor those who not only know what service entails firsthand, but also make sacrifices alongside their service members in everyday life.

military care package

How To: Military Care Package Do’s and Don’ts

Sending care packs to loved ones overseas can bring a personal touch to deployments and is an important way to stay connected. The post office has created a Military Care Kit that is free year-round for those looking to send care packages to deployed individuals. The Postal Service created these kits based on most requested items military families use, which is Priority Mail supplies.

military families pcs move

Military Families Lose Almost $5,000 Per PCS Move

In a recent article, it has been reported that military families are losing an average of $5,000 in out-of-pocket expenses each time they move, according to survey data just released by a national nonprofit organization. This data comes on the heels of the realization that most service members’ moves were put on hold in March because of concerns about the spreading coronavirus, and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has extended that hold through June 30, while allowing some exceptions.

myths service duty station

Military Myths Debunked About Your 1st Duty Station

So finally, you made it through MEPS, reception and survived your branch’s grueling boot camp and advanced training for your military occupational specialty (MOS). Now the day has arrived, and you are reporting to your first unit. There are several moments in the military that every Service Member remembers and reporting to their first unit is one of those moments.

male military spouse

Myths and Tips for the Male Military Spouse

Civilian males married to service members exist, but are a minority. Depending on the size of a command there may only be one or two male spouses in total. Therefore, it can be challenging for men to find connections in military circles. Here are some myths debunked to help the men out there adjust to life as a spouse.

transitioning out of the military during pandemic

Transitioning From Active Duty During Covid-19: What You Need to Know

For most service members, making the decision to get out of the military can be just as daunting as the choice to go in. Add to that the current state of the world due to the coronavirus, and things can seem downright terrifying. The best way to combat those fears, however, is to be informed. Getting solid information from reputable sources about education opportunities, unemployment rates and the impact on jobs, and available resources to help make the transition easier is where to begin.

Legislation Affecting Military

Updates on Legislation Affecting Veterans in Congress

There has been a ton of activity on Capitol Hill over the past week dealing with legislation and bills that may directly affect you, our nation’s military community. Here’s a quick round-up for you.

Gold Star Mother's Day

Gold Star Mother’s Day and Resources for Grieving Families

On the last Sunday in September – falling this year on September 27th – Gold Star Mother’s Day is an observed holiday originally declared in June of 1936. Gold Star Mother’s Day is a “public expression of the love, sorrow and reverence of the people of the United States for the American Gold Star Mothers.”

Navy SEALs

SEALs Swim for Charity

SEALs Swim for Charity On August 8th of this year, a team of 72 U.S. Navy SEALs, several veterans, and military supporters from all over the United States came together for the second year in a row to swim across the Hudson River to raise funds for the GI Go Fund organization. Although the current… Read more »

National POW/MIA Recognition Day

POW/MIA Recognition Day and the Life of an American Hero, Fred Jossi

National POW/MIA Recognition Day was established in 1979. Observed on the 3rd Friday in September to recognize and honor those that were Prisoners of War (POW) or those who are still Missing in Action (MIA). Included is a personal account and remembrance by Lori Waddell of her grandfather, Fred Jossi, a POW during World War II.

Data Breach at VA

Data Breach at the VA: What We Know

On September 14th, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Management announced a data breach involving the personal information of approximately 46,000 Veterans. Here’s what we know.

Resiliency Programs for the Military Child

Resiliency Programs for Military Children

The daily challenges faced by military children make them resilient. They withstand deployments, moves, and traveling the world. Their experience is unique, and should be appreciated by, and reflected in, the support they receive. Here are three completely free programs which recognize this unique experience, and offer tools to help keep military children strong—physically, emotionally, and mentally.

SAPR crest - DoD Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

DoD Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

In light of the recent tragic death of Fort Hood soldier Pfc. Vanessa Guillen, a spotlight has turned to the topic of sexual harassment and assault within the military. Pfc. Guillen was killed after experiencing sexual harassment from soldiers within her unit. In a properly supervised and educated military structure, there should have been many individuals to keep this from happening.

military mental health

Watchdog Reports Troops May Not Be Receiving Adequate Health Care

Watchdog Reports: Troops and Families May Not Be Receiving Adequate Mental Health Care Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, military families were having trouble getting the mental health care they needed, according to new data from an online survey conducted in late 2019. Whether they are active-duty families, military retiree families or veteran families, about half… Read more »

military suicide rate

National Guard Suicides Highest in Active Military

More than 78,000 veterans died by suicide between 2005 and 2017, according to the VA. Veteran suicide deaths rose from 5,787 in 2005 to 6,139 in 2017. Within the active military, the National Guard, has the highest rate of any branch, according to the most recent DoD Annual Suicide Report.

suicide prevention month

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in the military.  An average of 20 veterans die by suicide each day. Alarmingly, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the rate of suicide has spiked by 35% since 1999, and it’s still on the rise.

veteran-owned businesses

Choose Veteran-Owned Businesses as the Economy Normalizes

Veteran-Owned Businesses a Good Choice for Post-Covid Economic Recovery In 2018, the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) conducted research that resulted in the finding that 95% of Americans feel overwhelmingly grateful to those who’ve served. But with the world-altering pandemic that is COVID-19, how we live, how we interact, and the choices we make as… Read more »

Largest House VA Budget Proposal

Largest VA Budget Proposal Passes House

Largest VA Budget Proposal Passes House On July 24th, legislation providing appropriations for the Department of Veterans Affairs (HR 7608) passed the House with a contentious vote of 224 in favor and 189 opposed to the legislation. What is remarkable about this bill is that it was only introduced 11 days before it was approved,… Read more »

oconus voting

Resources for Voting OCONUS

OCONUS Voting: Resources and “How To” Americans living overseas became eligible to vote years after women and minorities in the United States. Following a successful “teabag campaign” by members of the Association of American Residents Overseas, legislation was passed in 1976 allowing Americans living overseas to vote. Overseas voters – many of whom are military… Read more »

marijuana research for veterans

Federal Commission Recommends Marijuana Research for Veterans

COVER Commission Recommends Marijuana & Psychedelic Research for PTSD Treatment The COVER (Creating Options for Veterans Expedited Recover) Commission, which is a federal commission that evaluates mental health treatment options for veterans within the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), released a report in January of this year recommending the VA expand its mental health research… Read more »

military bootcamp myths

Military Myths: Prepping for Boot Camp

Prepping for Boot Camp Military boot camp is like nothing you have ever experienced. However, the rigid routine and absolute control over every aspect of your life are several times worse than normal military duty, and that is by design. It’s the job of the Training Instructor (TI), Drill Instructor (DI) and Drill Sergeant (DS)… Read more »

PTSD Awareness Day

PTSD Awareness Day is June 27th

PTSD Awareness Day Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a global problem. It is a mental health disorder that some people develop after experiencing a traumatizing or life-threatening event. To shed light on this far reaching problem, June 27th has been designated National PTSD Awareness Day, and it is a great opportunity to talk with… Read more »

extended vgli period

VGLI Application Period Extended

Extension of VGLI Application Period The VA has extended the Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (VGLI) application period by 90 days. The extension of the application period ensures all eligible service members and veterans have an opportunity to apply for VGLI despite the widespread upheaval caused by COVID-19. Under the VGLI application period extension, former service… Read more »

covid-19 stop movement order

Covid-19 Stop Movement Order for National Guard and Reservists

What is the COVID-19 Stop Movement Order? The original Stop Movement Order, suspending travel for all Department of Defense (DOD) persons and their families, put into effect in March, was recently extended until June 30th. The order applies to both active and non-active duty DOD persons who were scheduled or had planned to travel within… Read more »

suicide prevention for military

Suicide Prevention Resources For Military & Veterans

With 498 service member suicides in 2019 according to the Defense Department, the U.S. Military as a whole has made it their mission to make that number more manageable. Service member suicides have surpassed the national average year after year as reported by Military Times, making mental health and addiction support resources more necessary. With… Read more »

covid and military healthcare bills

COVID-19 Affecting Military Ability to Pay for Healthcare?

With COVID-19 affecting the globe, many find themselves in a desperate financial situation. For those currently in the Reserves or National Guard, or retired from either, it’s possible that you may have lost some of your income, especially if you are not currently on active duty and have a civilian job. You may even be… Read more »

telemedicine military

Telemedicine Benefits for Military and Veterans

Telemedicine for Military Communities In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, telemedicine is increasingly important and in high demand. Many health programs are temporarily expanding these services, making it easier and safer for people to connect with their healthcare teams. What is Telemedicine? Telemedicine is the use of technology to communicate about health, often without… Read more »

military family readiness

New Military Family Readiness Legislation Can Help Military Families

Two Republican lawmakers, Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX), ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, and Rep. Trent Kelly (R-MS), ranking member of the Subcommittee on Military Personnel released their latest proposal on military family readiness on April 2, 2020. New Military Family Readiness Legislation Proposed Rep Thornberry stated that “Family readiness is a major… Read more »

military discount on cannabis

Military Discount On Cannabis?

Military Discount On Cannabis Laws seem to be changing regularly about the legality of cannabis and because of this, we are seeing more and more places where cannabis is being sold. One place is Flower Co, a California wholesale cannabis delivery company. While you do need to live in a state where it is legal… Read more »

military shopping

3 Million to Gain Access To Military Shopping

According to an article by Military Times, 3 million more people will gain access to military shopping in 2020. These new customers will be able to shop at the Commissary and the Exchange.  In addition, they will have access to some MWR programs. ** For latest updates, go here. When Will They Gain Access This… Read more »

The Best 4th of July Events

It’s almost the 4th of July, and you may be looking for something to do. The good news is that there are plenty of fun 4th of July events around the country to make plans to go to. Here is your list of some of the best 4th of July events around the United States… Read more »