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military leave

How Military Leave Works

When you join the United States military, you accept a pay and benefits package that includes earning 2.5 days of military leave per month of service served. This adds up to 30 days of leave per year with a certain amount permitted to be carried over from year to year. How does the military leave… Read more »

Best Apps For Military Families

The Best Ways to Communicate for Military Families

Far from Friends and Family? Use These Apps to Stay Connected As military families, we are usually far from our families. We have friends that live all over the country and the world. We have to spend time apart from our spouse when the service member is deployed, away at training, or moving ahead of… Read more »

DIY Flag Burning Steps

Each year, between June (Flag Day) and July (Independence Day), many individuals and organizations hold ceremonies to properly dispose of the nation’s Colors. These ceremonies often result in the burning of an American Flag that has become worn through use and is no longer serviceable. Properly Disposing of Your Flag: DIY Flag Disposal To conduct… Read more »

How to Celebrate Father’s Day, by Service Branch

Celebrating Father’s Day with Your Service Member – A Parody by Branch Father’s Day is upon us again, and now begins the celebratory preparations. If you’re lucky enough to have your service member home with you this Father’s Day, we’ve compiled some ideas about how best to spend the day with Dad. Since each service… Read more »

US Navy Birthday: The US Navy Celebrates 247 Years in 2022

“Anchors Aweigh, my boys, Anchors Aweigh. Farewell to college joys, we sail at break of day-ay-ay-ay. Through our last night on shore, drink to the foam, Until we meet once more. Here’s wishing you a happy voyage home.” On October 13th, 2022, the US Navy will celebrate its 247th birthday! According to Statista, as of… Read more »

US Army Birthday

US Army Birthday: The Army Turns 247 in 2022

The US Army Turns 247 in 2022 “First to fight for the right, and to build the Nation’s might, and The Army Goes Rolling Along, Proud of all we have done, Fighting till the battle’s won, and the Army Goes Rolling Along.” On June 14th, 2022, the US Army will celebrate its 247th birthday! According… Read more »

Free Commissary Service

CLICK2GO: Use this Commissary Service for Free for a Limited Time

The Commissary CLICK2GO service is waiving its service fee for a limited time. The CLICK2GO service allows you to pick out your grocery items online, place an order, then pick up your groceries curbside using your military ID. Learn more about the CLICK2GO service.

Month of The Military Child

April: Celebrate the Month of the Military Child

April is the Month of the Military Child! Back in 1986, the Defense Secretary established April as the Month of the Military Child and the military community has celebrated it ever since. 

deployment life skills

3 MORE Life Skills You Need for Deployment!

No matter how many deployments an individual has taken part in, there is still something new and possibly challenging that tends to pop up from time to time. Below you will find 3 more life skills that you may need to make your deployment easier.

life skills deployment

3 Life Skills You Need For Deployment

Ah, deployments, one of the most celebrated times in a veteran’s career. For many service members, deployments are a chance to flex and utilize the military’s skillsets through hours of instruction and repetitive practice. However, as effective as the military is in preparing personnel for their jobs or mission, specific gaps, usually not covered by military training, can appear based on the deployment’s nature and location. These gaps typically involve the use of life skills to solve correctly.

On This Date: 4th of July History

The History of the 4th of July

Beyond the fireworks, bbqs, and spending time with friends and family, Independence Day is arguably the most important holiday in United States history. Everyone knows the story of our founding fathers writing up the Declaration of Independence and claiming their independence from Great Britain as a free nation. However, that is a fraction of the… Read more »