Free Tax Filing for Military

Free Tax Filing For Military

Paying someone else to file your taxes for you can be very expensive. Thankfully, that’s an added expense that military families don’t have to pay. Below are a list of places that have adopted a ‘free tax filing for military’ mindset.

Explore these options and file your federal and state taxes for free this tax season.

Free Tax Filing for Military

Military OneSource 

Military have free tax prep and filing available to them through the Military OneSource website.

“MilTax Preparation and e-Filing Software is available from Jan. 22 through Oct. 15. Powered by an industry-leading tax service provider, it’s designed to address situations specific to the military. It walks you through a series of questions to help you complete your tax return. This self-paced tax software allows you to access free technical assistance to complete and electronically file your federal return and up to three state tax forms. Calculations are 100 percent accurate – guaranteed by the software provider. Visit the software details page for detailed specs.”


** UPDATED ** 

It has recently come to light that while there is free filing available through TurboTax, they’re making it difficult for military families to utilize the free service and effectively directing users to a paid feature.  To read more, please go here.

Service members in ranks E-1 to E-5, can file both federal and state taxes for FREE with the TurboTax Online Free Edition or Online Deluxe offerings. E-6 and above receive a $5 discount on all TurboTax federal products.


The IRS provides free federal tax filing. Depending on your income, you might also be eligible to take advantage of free state filing options as well. Individuals with an income less than $66,000 can utilize the free online software and file online. Individuals with an income above $66,000 have free fillable forms available to them.


Active Duty Military can file a federal tax return for $0 using TaxSlayer Classic. (Filing state taxes is an additional cost.)

Looking for more information and tips on filing your tax return as a military personnel? Read this.  (link to the “Resources for Military to Thrive this Tax Season” post)