Companies Providing Apprenticeship and Training Programs For Veterans

Apprenticeships For Veterans

Companies Providing Veteran Apprenticeship and Training Programs

In an effort to showcase their commitment to the U.S. Military, there are a number of companies that offer apprenticeship and training programs specifically for veterans. Oftentimes, this can lead to an offer of employment once a program is completed.

In 2019, Veterans made up about 8% of America’s adult population, and according to, there are a significant number of benefits to hiring veterans, such as their accelerated learning curve, team working abilities, efficient performance under pressure, and many others.

These companies recognize the value in veterans’ frequently-untapped skillsets. We’ve compiled information from three of those companies – Microsoft, Amazon, and Volvo – to help shed light on the viable, possibly unknown options out there for veterans to take advantage of.


Microsoft Software Systems Academy or MSSA is an 18-week (or two 9-week terms) intensive-training program that started in 2013 to provide veterans with further development of critical, technology-based skills for today’s growing industry. To enroll, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be active duty personnel transitioning out of the military within six months or be a recently honorably discharged veteran. (Active duty service members would go through the program as their duty assignment on base or on a local community campus)
  • Current security clearance strongly preferred
  • Interest in IT with no requirement of previous experience
  • Must demonstrate technical competency for chosen specialization, by earning either the applicable Microsoft Technology Associates (MTA) or Computer Technology Industry Association (COMPTIA) Certifications

Enrollees participate in both classroom and hands-on training in tech products and skills. Those who graduate from the program have the opportunity to interview for a full-time job at Microsoft or one of their 280 hiring partners in career fields such as: cloud development, cloud administration, cybersecurity administration, or database/business intelligence administration.


With a dedication to hiring 25,000 military veterans and spouses by 2021, Amazon Web Services has created numerous programs that help develop valuable technical skills and lead to successful careers within the company. Such potential jobs could be in software development, support and data center operations, military recruitment, or others. In 2016, the Amazon Technical Apprenticeship was established to create an avenue for transitioning veterans and military spouses who are specifically seeking careers in cloud computing. It consists of 10-20 weeks of paid, full-time training, followed by up to 12 months of paid, on-the-job training and mentorship that builds technical skills and helps participants grow as professionals. Ideal candidates:

  • Have military experience in communications, intelligence, cyber security or possess industry-recognized IT certifications
  • Were active military within the last 6 months, a Guard/Reserve member, veteran, or a military spouse
  • Have an active security clearance

The apprenticeship is partnered with state/federal government, so reach out to the VA to see if you qualify for additional GI Bill benefits while enrolled. For more information, visit Amazon’s career website.

Volvo (and CALIBRE)

Just last month, Volvo launched a new technician program known as the Volvo Car USA Veteran Technician Careers Program. The program provides the opportunity to veterans for a smoother transition into the civilian workforce and allows military-learned skills to be put to use. The comprehensive program will utilize resident training and e-Learning in an effort to give veterans a chance to break into an automotive career, and takes place in collaboration with CALIBRE Systems. Through this initiative, Volvo and CALIBRE aim to annually provide jobs for 120 U.S. military veterans. Eligible hopefuls are:

  • Honorably discharged military veterans or currently-serving members of the National Guard or Reserve
  • Have three or more years of experience in vehicle maintenance and repair
  • Possess a clean driving record
  • Can pass a series of background checks and drug testing.

Candidates who meet that criteria can apply to participate in a 4-week instructor-led and on-the-job training program, which provides a full-time job opportunity at a local, participating Volvo Cars Retailer. Upon completion of the program, selectees can participate in a 12-month U.S. Department of Labor and GI Bill-approved registered apprenticeship. Those entered into the apprenticeship have the option to utilize GI Bill benefits to receive a monthly housing allowance stipend for a full 12 months during the apprenticeship, on top of regular pay and benefits, given that they are eligible to receive such benefits. (See here to determine eligibility or reach out to a VA representative.) Upon favorable completion of the apprenticeship program, candidates will be fast-tracked towards a new career as a Volvo Quality Technician or Hybrid Specialist at a participating Volvo Cars Retailer. Interested applicants can inquire further on the Volvo website.

Research Other Companies

There are quite a few other companies that offer similar training programs and even exhibit veteran-preferred hiring practices. The average male veteran makes an estimated annual salary of $42,000 and the average female veteran makes an estimated annual salary of $35,000. Veteran-only opportunities like this are valuable and afford a chance to truly impact one’s future in the workplace outside of the military.


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