BMW Military Discount

bmw military discount

BMW Military Discount

BMW or Bayerische Motoren Werke AG is a German multinational company that produces automobiles as well as motorcycles.

What is the BMW military discount?

USAA members and families living in the US may be eligible for special offers on the lease or purchase of a new BMW. If you are stationed overseas, you can also find significant savings, fixed prices worldwide, VAT-free purchasing, extended warranty, and an authorized BMW military sales agent nearby.

Who’s eligible?

The overseas programs is open to active duty military personnel, DoD civilians ID cardholders, and DoD contractors on TDY or PCS orders abroad at the time of purchase.

How do you get the discount?

You would need to contact your dealer for full details.

Can this discount be used online?


About BMW

They were formed in 1916, under the name Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG and later renamed to BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG). Their first product was a straight-six aircraft engine called BMW IIIa.

They remained in business following the end of WWI by producing motorcycle engines, farm equipment, household items, and railway brakes. They produced their first motorcycle, the BMW R 3Q in 1923 and became an automobile manufacturer in 1928.  Throughout the 30s they expanded into sports cars and larger luxury cars.

After WWII they resumed car production in Bavaria in 1952 with the BMW 501 Luxury Saloon.

In 1998 they acquired the rights to the Rolls Royce brand.

Their first Hybrid came out in 2010 and their first electric car in 2013.

Their headquarters are in Munich, Germany and they are available worldwide. You can receive a discount if you are a USAA member.

Popular BMW Models

BMW has had quite a few popular vehicles over the years. The E30 MS, from 1985 to 1992, was one of BMW’s greatest hits.

The BMW 2002, which was part of its new class in the 1960s brought world recognition to BMW as an automatic producer of sports sedans.

The BMW Z3M Coupe, which first came out in 2008, was a new sports roadster in a premium market.

The BMW E9, produced from 1968 to 1975, was bigger than the previous 2002.

The E39 M5 solidified the car’s footing as one of history’s greatest performance icons.


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