TRICARE and FEDVIP Open Enrollment Season Is Here

TRICARE Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Begins for TRICARE and FEDVIP

TRICARE and FEDVIP open enrollment season has begun. This includes changing your TRICARE plan, getting or swapping dental plans and obtain vision coverage depending on your military status.

During this open season, which lasts until December 9, 2019, is the only time you can make these changes unless you have a qualifying life event.

Qualifying Life Events

These events are:

  • Activating or deactivating for Reserve & Guard service
  • Deploying or mobilizing
  • Being injured on active duty
  • Moving/PCSing
  • Getting married
  • Divorcing
  • Having a baby or adopting a child
  • Children going to college
  • Children becoming adults
  • Death in family
  • Getting other insurance
  • Becoming eligible for medicare
  • Separating from the military
  • Retiring

With TRICARE, you can enroll in a plan or change your plan. Each one is a bit different. TRICARE Prime doesn’t really have any out-of-pocket expenses for active duty families. However, there are fees associated with going outside your prime network without a referral or filling prescriptions at a retail pharmacy or through the mail.

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For retirees, TRICARE Prime does require an annual enrollment fee as well as co-payments for appointments and procedures not done at a (MTF) military treatment facility. TRICARE Select will having you paying more out of pocket, but also allow you more freedom to select providers without a referral. If you are currently enrolled in TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Select you are eligible to change your plan during the open season.

Whether you should switch plans or not depends on your situation, what you have available in your local area, and how much you want to pay out of pocket. You can visit the TRICARE website to find out more information on the different TRICARE plans.

For the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program, or FEDVIP, retirees can get dental coverage or change plans and military family members, retirees, and other eligible TRICARE beneficiaries can obtain vision coverage.

In 2020, FEDVIP will offer at least 10 dental and four vision carriers for patients to choose from. If you are happy with your plans, you don’t have to do anything during this open enrollment season. Things will just stay the same for you.

You can visit BENEFEDS for more information on the plans, as well as signing up for the “virtual benefits fair.” There will be chat sessions with representatives on November 15th, November 22nd, and December 4th, but you do need to register for them. TRICARE and FEDVIP open season began on November 11, 2019. Any changes made will take effect on January 1, 2020.



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