This generation of veterans and servicemembers have access to the best benefits of any era in history. From the VA Home Loan program, to the GI Bill you can save you money, enhance your career opportunities and even change your life. Don’t miss out on any of the benefits you have earned.


Military Benefits Changes and Updates 2022


VET TEC: The GI Bill Alternative For High Tech Training

VET TEC is a VA education benefit offered to service members who are just about to leave military service or who have already done so. It offers an alternative to the GI Bill for those in search of job training in high-tech fields. The Department of Veterans Affairs has expanded its options under the VET… Read more »


VA to Replace Life Insurance Program in 2023

In 2021, Public Law 116-315 was passed, intended to do many things including the modernization of the VA life insurance program to replace an older version. In the past, the Department of Veterans offered enrollment options for a life insurance program to veterans with VA-rated disabilities. This insurance, known as Service-Disabled Veterans Life Insurance or… Read more »

TRICARE pharmacy

Thousands of Rural Pharmacies to Depart TRICARE Network

In October of 2022, some 400 thousand TRICARE beneficiaries could be forced to search for a new retail pharmacy as thousands of rural pharmacies depart the network. In 2021, Walmart left the TRICARE pharmacy network. It was a move widely reported at the time as being associated with a dispute with the TRICARE pharmacy management… Read more »

Increased BAH

DoD Announces Housing Allowance Increases for 2022

Service members in high-cost housing markets are getting financial relief thanks to the orders in a September 22, 2022, Memorandum from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. There are multiple directives in that Memorandum, including a review of the 2023 Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH) calculations to keep BAH current with “unusually dynamic fluctuations in the… Read more »

VA disability pay

How to File for a VA Disability Increase

When you retire or separate from military service, submitting claims to the Department of Veterans Affairs for service-connected medical issues is a very important step in your out processing. If you have an illness or injury caused or aggravated by military service, you may be entitled to VA compensation for those medical issues. And in… Read more »

FEDVIP open season

Federal Benefits Open Season 2022

Federal Benefits Open Season 2022 begins November 14 and ends December 12, 2022. This open season is for enrolling or changing healthcare under FEDVIP, also known as the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program. This coverage is not the same as TRICARE; it is separate from that health insurance program but may require enrollment… Read more »


TRICARE: A Comprehensive Guide

When you join the United States military, you become eligible for healthcare coverage under the military’s health insurance program, TRICARE. For those who serve this is not optional, but for dependents and spouses, there are ways to use TRICARE as their main coverage or as a supplement to health insurance they get elsewhere through an… Read more »


TRICARE Qualifying Life Events and Your Health Insurance

When you enroll in TRICARE, your status as a single or married service member determines the type of coverage you’ll enroll in. So does your status as an active duty service member. When these things change, they may be considered Qualifying Life Events, which provides an opportunity to modify your TRICARE coverage within a 90-day… Read more »

TRICARE and other health insurance

Using Other Health Insurance Besides TRICARE

TRICARE is a healthcare program for military members and their families. This health coverage is offered to qualifying military members on active duty, in the Guard and Reserve, veterans, and military retirees. TRICARE is also offered to surviving spouses and dependents, and even “certain former spouses” according to TRICARE is offered stateside, overseas, and… Read more »

VA Announces Abortion Counseling and Access In Limited Cases

The Department of Veterans Affairs has announced it will provide access to abortion counseling and services in limited cases. Following the overturn of Roe V. Wade by the Supreme Court, the VA was faced with a dilemma. The Supreme Court’s decision effectively put state law in charge of deciding the legality of certain medical procedures… Read more »

TRICARE for active duty

TRICARE for Active Duty Service Members

TRICARE is the United States military healthcare program for active duty military members and their families. When you start your career in the Armed Forces, you are covered by TRICARE from the moment you ship out to boot camp, and you will later formally enroll in TRICARE on behalf of yourself and your family. Military… Read more »

TRICARE for retirees

TRICARE for Active Duty Military Retirees

Many who retire from active duty military service are a decade or more away from qualifying for Medicare or other age-based services. Your choices for healthcare will be affected by this, and your location (stateside or overseas) is another factor to consider when planning your health care coverage. For the purposes of this article, the… Read more »

GI Bill

New GI Bill Reporting Law Eases Burden On School Officials

The Ensuring the Best Schools for Veterans Act has been signed into law by President Joe Biden. The Act, which became law on August 26, 2022, is designed to help participating schools eliminate red tape and paperwork related to the GI Bill, and addresses something called the “35% exception” to earlier rules designed to enhance… Read more »

BAH rates

Military Housing Benefits Can’t Keep Up with Rising Housing Costs

It’s a growing issue; military members and their families stationed in America are struggling to keep up with local rents, and the military’s Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) isn’t enough in many cases to help. Fortune Magazine reported in 2022 that the Basic Allowance For Housing, paid according to rank and adjusted each year, isn’t… Read more »

veteran benefits

Is a Major Cost-Of-Living Adjustment Coming for Disabled Veterans and Retirees?

Is a major cost of living adjustment or COLA on the way for military retirees and veterans who collect VA compensation for service-connected medical issues? Many believe so due to the fact that VA COLA is tied to the Social Security Administration’s annual cost of living adjustment update. That update is determined by increases in… Read more »

Guard / Reserve Retirement

Retirement Pay for Guard and Reserve Members

If you are in the National Guard or the Reserve, you earn points toward retirement while serving part-time and when called to active service. You qualify for military retirement as a member of a Reserve Component once you have reached 20 creditable years of military service. What does it take to make it to retirement… Read more »

TRICARE for Guard and Reserve

TRICARE for National Guard and Reserve Members

Members of the National Guard, Reserves, and their families may be eligible for TRICARE. Eligibility depends on the service member’s status and may vary as a result. Learn more.

free childcare national guard

Free Childcare for National Guard On Its Way

Pilot Program for Free Childcare Will Improve the Lives of National Guard Families If you are in the National Guard in the following states you may soon be able to receive free childcare during your drill weekend. Massachusetts New Hampshire New Mexico Ohio Virginia Washington According to an article on, there will be a… Read more »

Military Child Care Basics

The Department of Defense recognizes that childcare for military families is one of the most critical military quality of life issues within the DoD. Choosing the right childcare is crucial; paying for it can be daunting on a limited budget and junior enlisted troops know all too well how difficult it can be to balance… Read more »

TRICARE for Spouses and Dependents

TRICARE is the military health insurance plan for service members and their families. TRICARE automatically covers new troops when they ship out to basic training, but they must enroll themselves and their family members later.

Military Benefits Guide

Comprehensive Military Benefits Guide

A Comprehensive Guide to Military Benefits Joining the United States Military as a soldier, sailor, airman, Marine, Coast Guard member or Space Force Guardian means accepting a commission or taking an oath of enlistment. The oath describes the new servicemember’s obligations to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign… Read more »

Image courtesy Edwards AFB 2022

Commissary and Exchange Benefits: What You Need to Know

Part of being a military member or the immediate family of a service member is enjoying access to on-base facilities that are otherwise restricted to the general public. You can’t enter most military bases without proper military or dependent ID, and you cannot use facilities on base without one either. That includes shopping options at… Read more »



TRICARE is a health care program offered to military members, veterans, & their families.  TRICARE offers coverage and treatment opportunities. Learn more.


How The PACT Act Changes VA Benefits

The PACT Act, also known as The Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act, is one of the largest VA healthcare expansions and reforms in the history of the Department of Veterans Affairs. There are sweeping changes for those who have served since 9/11 but there are also provisions for those who have served in the… Read more »

Military Housing Allowances (BAH and OHA)

When you join the military, your military benefits include the VA home loan program which allows you to apply for a no-money-down home loan with a competitive interest rate and a guarantee to the lender from the federal government. But not everyone wants to purchase a home. Some choose to rent, others are required to… Read more »

boot camp

Military Benefits Offered During Basic Training

What military benefits are offered during basic training? If you are a new recruit and you’re wondering what to expect when you arrive in the training environment, keep reading. There are many benefits to be aware of. What follows are the benefits most commonly asked about–not all of those listed are accessible during initial training,… Read more »

VA Native American Direct Loans

The VA home loan benefit typically allows military members with a minimum amount of qualifying service to apply for a zero-down mortgage with limits on certain closing costs, no penalty for early payoff, and the ability to refinance with a VA Streamline loan later on. A typical VA home loan experience requires the borrower to… Read more »

The VA Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers benefits and services for those who are caregivers serving disabled veterans. There are options for those caring for vets with service-connected medical issues as well as for non-service-connected disabilities. One major VA option for caregivers is the VA Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers. This program can help… Read more »

VA Dependency & Indemnity Compensation (DIC)

Dependency & Indemnity Compensation (DIC) is a VA benefit offered to surviving spouses, children, and parents of a service member or veteran who died in the line of duty. DIC benefits are also offered to the qualifying survivor of a veteran who died from a service-related injury or illness. DIC offers a monthly payment, which… Read more »

Montgomery GI BIll

The Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB-AD)

The Montgomery GI Bill is an education benefit offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Those who serve a minimum amount of time on Active Duty qualified for this benefit provided they opted in during basic training or in their initial enlistment. The Montgomery GI Bill program is closed to new recruits (see below); you… Read more »

Military AId Society

Military Aid Societies And Education Benefits

If you need more money to fund your education or that of a dependent or spouse, military aid societies are a resource you should consider. Some only learn about military aid societies when they face financial hardship and need help above and beyond their military pay and allowances. These societies provide such emergency help but… Read more »

Veteran Service Organization

What Are Veteran Service Organizations?

A Veteran Service Organization (VSO) is an organization that is meant to serve veterans by helping them understand and claim VA benefits, seek employment, and readjust to civilian life. There are many VSOs operating on behalf of U.S. veterans; the DAV, VFW, AmVets, and many other familiar names all fall under the definition of a… Read more »

VA Healthcare Benefits, Abortion, and Roe V. Wade

On Friday, June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade, the legal precedent which provided Constitutional protections for a woman’s right to choose for nearly five decades. This move will likely trigger bans on certain reproductive healthcare services offered in approximately half of the United States according to the Associated Press; the move… Read more »

Veterans Asbestos Exposure and VA Policy

Asbestos exposure related to military service is a serious issue. There are many ways to become exposed. Some military career fields have an elevated risk of asbestos exposure, and some types of military duty put troops at risk. Some are exposed and never develop a medical problem, while others may develop cancer, mesothelioma, or other… Read more »

VA Burial Benefits

Funeral planning is something we all try not to think about until there’s a reason to do so. Veterans and their families have VA burial benefit options they can use including a VA burial allowance that can offset the cost of paying for funeral services when the time comes.

VA Health Benefits for Military Spouses and Dependents

Are you the spouse or child of a veteran? If so, you may already be familiar with some VA benefits, but did you know that children and legally married spouses of veterans may also be entitled to certain VA benefits? You may not be required to have any military service to apply for some VA… Read more »

Department of Veterans Affairs Resources for LGBTQ+ Veterans

What does the Department of Veterans Affairs offer to veterans who identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community? LGBTQ+ refers in this context to a large group of people who include but are not limited to veterans who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer. The VA official site adds that the plus sign,… Read more »

Veteran Readiness and Employment Program (VR&E)

If you are a veteran with a qualifying VA-rated disability that affects your ability to find or keep a job, there is VA help in the form of a program called Veteran Readiness and Employment program.

Managing Your VA Benefits Online

If you are retiring or separating from military service, you will need to set up an account with the Department of Veterans Affairs in order to begin claiming VA benefits such as the GI Bill, or VA compensation for service-connected medical issues. 

What Forms Do I Need to Apply for VA Disability?

If you are getting ready to retire or separate from the United States military, chances are good you are already thinking about applying for VA compensation for service-connected medical issues. If you have already applied and received a decision, you may be wondering how you can increase your VA disability compensation.

What You Need to Know About Eligibility for VA Disability Benefits

If you have served in the United States military, you may be eligible for VA compensation for service-connected medical issues, injuries, illness, or related conditions. The Department of Veterans Affairs has a screening and application process for VA benefits you can use to start the claim process. This process is open to those retiring and/or… Read more »

5 Tips for Applying for VA Disability Benefits

There are some important steps to take when you apply for VA disability benefits. Some of them apply situationally, such as what to do if you have to start the application process from an overseas location. Others are more universal, such as knowing what to do if you lose your DD Form 214, Report of… Read more »

tricare non-covered services

TRICARE and Non-Covered Services

What to know about TRICARE and non-covered services. TRICARE most likely covers most of what you need to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, to help you get well after an illness, or to help you heal after an injury. However, there are services they don’t cover. This can complicate things, especially if the service… Read more »

Can I Get VA Compensation For PTSD?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is a mental health issue that can be diagnosed and rated by the VA as a service-connected disability. If you are about to retire or separate from military service and suspect you may have a PTSD claim, it’s good to know how the VA reviews and rates this condition for… Read more »

Military Caregiver Resource

The Warrior Care Releases Innovative Electronic Caregiver Resource Directory

Check out the new The Warrior Care Releases Innovative Electronic Caregiver Resource Directory tool! The Defense Health Agency’s Warrior Care Military Caregiver Support Program has partnered with the National Resource Directory and released the electronic Caregiver Resource Directory (e-CRD). The e-CRD is an innovative digital version of the Caregiver Resource Directory that military caregivers, as… Read more »

Temporary Lodging Allowance

What You Should Know About Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA)

Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) for when you PCS OCONUS If you have orders to PCS to an OCONUS location, you may be wondering about what types of entitlements you will receive. OCONUS includes any overseas location as well as Alaska and Hawaii. One of the most common OCONUS entitlements is TLA or Temporary Lodging Allowance…. Read more »

Saving Money During PCS Season

Tips for PCSing During the Most Expensive PCS Season Ever

Tips to Save Money During Your Upcoming PCS As everyone knows, everything seems to be more expensive these days. Gas prices are enough to make us faint at the pump, and everything seems more expensive than it used to be. When you are preparing for a move, all of that can make you cringe. But,… Read more »